We are Wholesome Kitchen

Our innovative family of products is made with all-natural ingredients
and no preservatives, salt or food dyes.

Choose from our Couscous, Quinoa, Toasted Pasta & Salad Topper Blends

  • Whole Grain Couscous Blends Herb & Tomato
    Pineapple & Peanut
    Dried Fruit & Nut
  • Toasted -Pasta
    (Israeli Couscous)
    Mushroom & Tomato
    Currant & Pumpkin Seeds Plain
  • Gluten free couscous
    Fruit & Nut
    Garden Vegetable
  • Freekeh
    Apricot & Rasin
    Herb & Currant
    Mushrom & Herb
  • Quinoa Lemon, Herb & Onion Vegetable & Smoked Paprika
    Savory Dried Fruit & Nut Original Organic
  • Salad Topper Parmesan & Herbs
    Spice & Seeds
    Pinenuts & Cranberries
  • Farro
    mushrom & herbs
    garden vegetable
  • Also available in bulk for restaurants and food services!

Quality products made in New York

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    The double super food.
    The Ancient grain Quinoa & Chia seeds.

    Available in three versatile blends:

  • QuinoChia with Herbs

  • QuinoChia with Lentils

  • QuinoChia with Mushrooms