I wanted to let you know that my family and I tried the Vegetable Quinoa last week and it was a big hit. We actually used it in a turkey meatloaf that we made. It was an absolutely amazing and we all enjoyed it very much. We also enjoyed it as a standalone side. The quality of your ingredients was very apparent in both the taste and texture.
Thanks much for a great product!
Tim B

I have recently tried your salad toppers that were given to me for Christmas and love them! I am unable to ask gifter where these products were purchased, and would love to be able to find them because I am hooked.
Thank you,


I was wondering how I would order your salad toppers. I recieved one as a gift and loved it.

I need to find a local store or mail order for your products. I live just south of Philadelphia, PA.
I bought the Toasted Pasta with current and pumpkin seed through DHC, loved about 5 containers of it, and have run out.
I'd like to try more varieties.

Please Help!

I tried your fruit and nut couscous for the first time tonight. It's a great product! I sauted onion and zucchini first, added some tomato, then the couscous, and water.
Good luck with your line. I grew up two blocks from the Main St. Movie- glad to see this coming out of the old neighborhood!!


I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your product of Whole Grain Couscous and the Quinoa in a container. I purchased it at the Co-op grocery store near where I live and shop. It is wonderful to find a product with such little sodium and healthy foods that cook quickly.

Thank you again !
Enfield, NH

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful and healthy products. I am helping to take care of my mother who has early onset Alzheimer's and have been looking for easier and healthier meal options. While she and I enjoy going out to lunch, that option is a rare treat since it is not cheap, but I found some of your products at Ross and decided to give them a try. We have tried a Quinoa mix and a Freekeh mix. Both are wonderful and easy, but we had the herb and currant Freekeh today and absolutely loved it. We will definitely be buying more in the future.
Thank you.

Greetings from Key West, Florida!
I was given a jar of Quinoa and French Lentils and loved it. I would love to buy some and would appreciate if you can tell me if I can buy some directly from you? Or is there a retailer in Key West? Many thanks,